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 Here you find information, tools and help with some things I am interested in within the World of Computers. I am a programmer, so there is a Java section (ok it's still quite empty, but hey), I use Linux (got quite a lot together around that area) and much more. Feel free to use anything you find on this page for whatever you want :) 

SyncKolab - a Thunderbird Extension

SyncKolab transforms Thunderbird into a Kolab1 (and soon 2) kompatible client. Check out http://www.kolab.org for more information.

SyncKolab was written to add kolab functionality to thunderbird. It reads a selected Imap folder and synchronizes it with the local address book and calendar.

Version 1.0 had 61 prereleases and 83 nightly releases with over 100 bugs fixed and is known to work nicely with Thunderbird 2 and Lightning 0.8.
Even with this extensive testing, there might still occur problems in combination with other extensions, operating systems, thunderbird versions and/or special characters in your contacts/tasks/calendar entries .
Because of this, you should make a backup of all your relevant data (server side or your profile directory) before doing your first sync. If seomthing happens because of a bug you can then easily restore your data afterward.

If you find any bugs please check the synckolab github on: https://github.com/corinis/synckolab/issues


The Gentoo duplicate package checker

Because my Hard Drive was filling up, I checked my folders and found that I had quite a lot of duplicate packages on my HD. So I created this tool (with some help from the gentoo forums) to detect duplicate Packages.
 Make sure to also read Clean out unused packages from Portage and findcruft: Yet another script to find obsolete files if you want a clean drive.
There is a lot of software written for Linux, more than you think (escpecially when switching from the windows world). But it's not always too clear how to use vertain programs or which ones are useful for a certain exercise, and there are some pieces of software that you always have but never quite knew what to do with, so I created a this page to give some useful hints :)

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