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Sync Kolab

SyncKolab was written to add kolab functionality to thunderbird. It reads a selected Imap folder and synchronizes it with the local address book and calendar.
It has been tested under Thunderbird for Windows (XP and Vista), MacOSX and Linux.
Version 1.0 had 61 prereleases and 83 nightly releases with over 100 bugs fixed and is known to work nicely with Thunderbird 2 and Lightning 0.8.
Even with this extensive testing, there might still occur problems in combination with other extensions, operating systems, thunderbird versions and/or special characters in your contacts/tasks/calendar entries .
Because of this, you should make a backup of all your relevant data (server side or your profile directory) before doing your first sync. If seomthing happens because of a bug you can then easily restore your data afterward.
If you find any bugs please check the synckolab bugzilla on: this software is OpenSource

Download SyncKolab


Option Menu under Tools
(1) will open the configuration wizard (if its the first time you use synckolab) or the configuration dialog if you already have a configuration.

synkolab settings

  1. Here you see all your defined configurations. Under each configuration your find your sync-datapoints (clicking on an item will open one of the ocnfiguration screens as shown in the images)
  2. This dropdown box lets you select the calendar/adressbook used for syncing
  3. In the list of folders, select an imap folder to sync with
  4. Contact Format: Select the (prefered) xml/kolab format or the vcard/ical format. It is recommended to use the xml format because the vcard/ical format is very outdated and not as clearly specified.
  5. Save to Imap Folde: The checkbox is only important for shared folders where you have read-only access. This makes sure synckolab does not try to write any data into the imap folder uncheck this box. This will overwrite the local data on each sync.
  6. Sync: Unchecking this box means that you do not want to sync the data at all.
  7. Close Sync Window when done: unchecking this will keep the sync window open after a successfull sync
  8. Account: Select the imap account which should be used for sync. Make sure that you configure the folder correctly after changing this or there will be errors
  9. Sync Interval: The sync interval is 0 per default (do not sync automatically). You can change this to the number of minutes between each sync. If you want auto-sync use 5-10 Minutes for autosync in a workgroup. Depending on the internet connection and imap server you can decrease this number.
  10. Add: Click here to open the configuration wizard for a new configuration
  11. Delete: this will remove the currently selected configuration

prerelease notes of cvs version

synckolab NIGHLTY

For Thunderbird 3/Seamonkey 2 users:
Because of the new "Secure Update" Resitrictions the install of the nightly will fail. In order to still use the most recent synckolab add following to your prefs.js: user_pref("extensions.checkUpdateSecurity", false);
You can get a cvs built version from here.
Beware that this may break all you contacts/calender entries, altough we try to create stable nighlies.. Nightly builds now show their date in the option and install file

Release Notes

synckolab 1.0.3

* changed it to use pretty Name instead of basemessageuri (REQUIRED RECONFIGURATION OF ALL CONFIGS!!! backup before use!)
* finished sync of allowremotecontent field
* updated messages
* fixed bugs:
 - #20084 Kerio Mail Server Incompatibility
 - #20100 "mailto:" tag in  field failing event comparison
 - #20102 Content-transfer-encoding on kolab.xml and incorrect parsing
 - #20190 XML Contact parsing - Home Web Page and Business Web Page switched
 - #20216 Usernames consisting of digits are ignored
 - #20239 Custom 3 filed not controlled nor synced
 - #20296 Encoding issues
 - #20593 Notes not synced
 - #20292 Images in email not syned
 - #20046 config saved correctly
 - #20596 added extra exception catch and debug output (wip)
 - #20595 fix for problematic uuids (containing :)
 - #20814 maximum number of minutes before next sync upped to 5 digits
 - #20815 Setup does not work any more
 - #20876 multiple syncs can be running in parallel

synckolab 1.0.2

* disable uri-encoding for vcards (should fix problems with other clients like citadel)
* more citadel fixes 
* fixed bugs: 
  - #19412 (kolab.xml not well formed)
  - #19483 (unparseable messages)
  - #19597 (Synchronization stops and doesn´t continue)
  - #19764 (sync fails for calendar - CallDateTime is not defined)
  - #19779 (Sync fails on ADR;HOME:)
  - #19335 (Only one imap account can be chosen)
  - #19781 (Parsing empty BDAY: contactTools.  js fails at line 1237)
  - #19559 (Compatibility between KAddressBook and SyncKolab)
  - #19666 ("Custom 2" value forces update on server)
  - #19464 (SyncKolab Fails During Sync)
* should work with lightning 0.9pre
* added fix from Nicolas Hatier to prevent weird lightning behaviour
* fixed an syntax error (never work in more than one programming languages....)

synckolab 1.0.1

This is the first stable release. the 1.0 branch will only include bugfixes from now on. All feature 
requests will be applied to the nightly/trunk

In case you have problems:
- uninstall synckolab
- remove all lines containing synckolab from your prefs.js (in your thunderbird profile folder)
- remove all *.hdb files from your profile folder and the synckolab subfolder
- install 1.0.1 and configure everything

Known Limitations:
- no Mailing List support
- untested on newest alpha/beta releases of lightning/thunderbird

* fixed #19104
* fixed #19169
* fixed problem with compact (problematic function name)
* added exception handling for deletecards

Older Release Notes

Contact and Help

In case you find a bug or have any suggestions on what to add, you should subscribe the mailing list on .

In the wild...

I started a few threads around the globe on different sites during development. If you are interested in some insight you can check them out.

This one is for those who have ideas on how I overcome some of my biggest problems: open a tb message in read/write mode
Antoher problem I ran into (which could have been avoided if the rewrite stuff had worked): Copying mail folder content from temp folder to imap I took some of the code from the TB Attachment Tools and TB Header tools for the writing of messages. You can get those pretty usefull extensions from Frank DiLecce (Ausdilecce).

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