Last change 11/12/2007

Some of my favorite Links... kinda organized.

Computer Related - A great Exchange Replacement! - The best distribution out there (ok, its my opinion) - gentoo with installer - SelHtml the best html and javascript reference existing - ever wondered how the google pagerank works??? - Quick References...

Fun or 'where to go when you just want to spend 10 Minutes somehwere else' - One of the best internet Comic out there - It's a browser based massive online strategy game, but one of the best I found (plus it's tick based so you dont sit in front of your screen waiting for an att or deff...) oh, it's in german - Throw little people who want to destroy your castle around :) - an asciiart generator, quite a lot of fun - Install it and you never have a boring moment (or get any work done for a week)

Friends and others - Something I do during my free time, organizing parties :) - My company (Tnks for the Cms) - Samtex (It's family, but I still call him a friend :P)

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