Linux is fun... if you know a few tweaks :) just go to my linux sections!

I try to collect howtos and projects I am currently working on.

General Linux Information

Here you can find some general Linux related information, like how to compile a new kernel and perl information.


Imagemagick (from ) is probably one of my favorite image tool. Here is stuff I oftne use.

Linux Alsa Bluetooth Headset Driver

I have taken the snd-bt-sco driver from and integrated it in the current kernel tree. From me it has been taken and the was born.

Postgre SQL

I just started playing around with postgre... and stumbled around on common errors


This is a collectino page for some sysadmin information I need to find again from time to time... Might be some help for someone else as well

Useful Snippets & Tools

There is a lot of software written for Linux, more than you think (escpecially when switching from the windows world). But it's not always too clear how to use vertain programs or which ones are useful for a certain exercise, and there are some pieces of software that you always have but never quite knew what to do with, so I created a this page to give some useful hints :)

Generate SSL Certificates for Apache

Home Assistant

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