Last change 10/04/2012

BRISS - BRight Snippet Sire  is a tool to crop pdf file. I created a patch for it I want to share as compiled form here.

BRISS - BRight Snippet Sire

I added a Patch that allows cropping using the command  line. In order to allow other people to use this great tool as well (so at least until it is merged with the current code), you can find the files here:

The original code and project site is


java -jar briss-0.0.14.jar [-h] [-s SOURCE] [-d DESTINATION] [-c CROPARGS]
  • -h : show help
  • -s : source file
  • -d: destination file (batch mode only)
  • -c: cropargs (get them from File->Cropdefintion in the gui)


Split a page horizontal into two halfes (i.e. A4 -> 2 x A5)

java -jar briss-0.0.14.jar -s original.pdf -d split.pdf -c 0/0/0.5/0,0.5/0/0/0:0/0/0.5/0,0.5/0/0/0

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