Music Player Minion

Last change 30/03/2012

Music Player Minion is my favorite party addon - unfortunately development seems kinda slow... So I had to update it myself. 

You can get the patched xpi and the patch file here.

Music Player Minion patch and download

This not supposed to become a fork - it's just a little patch so it works with recent Firefox. The original is sitll available at

You can download a patched version here (tested againt Firefox 11):


The patch from current svn: mpm_2.1.3.patch

For help check out the official wiki:


- updated  maxVersion to 11.0.*
- fix mpdControls to show server selection again
- moved all js into content an dupdated the loading method (seems a recent change disallows js in resource)

Older Versions:

mpm_2.1.2.xpi with patch from current svn: mpm_svn.patch


- updated  maxVersion to 9.0.*
- fix mpdControls to show server selection again

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