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Last change 04/05/2013

My zd7000 has a resoltuion of 1440x900. This very nice when programming, since I can finally see all windows I need. Also most gamees support this resolution. Here the Information I collected until now:

Age of Mythology + Titans

- Run the game
- set  windowed mode in the options
- restart the game
- set to any resolution higher than your resolution
- restart the game: there we are widescreen AOM

Doom3 and Quake3 based games like Wolfenstein - Enemy Terretory

- find the right cfg file (f.e. etconfig.cfg normally located in the game dir or the profile dir)
- set /find following options:
  • seta r_customheight "900"
  • seta r_customwidth "1440"
  • seta r_mode "-1"
  • seta cg_fov "115"
The fov setting could be missing, so you may have to add the line. you can play around with the settings to get the right field of view for your resolution.

Savage - The Battle for Newerth

Awesome game - with linux and windows version!!! (this was the first company I really liked to give money - not only because the game is  just sweet!!!)
It supports wide screen  per default, just select your resolution. (in Windows AND Linux by the way)
When playing on LAN I at first had trouble adjusting the game so more than 10 players could join:
Just add this to your autoexec.cfg in the savage/game folder:

//add your own custom settings here
svr_maxclients 18

For changine the map:
/callvote world=> this will ask to load a particular map. Ex : /callvote world bunker

 Following maps are available in the standard:

  • crossroads
  • dryhills
  • eden2
  • evergreen2
  • snowblind
  • forestbridge4b

Warcraft III

You need the Registry Editor (Start->Run->Regedit)
Then go to:
/HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Blizzard Entertainment/Warcraft III/Video
and edit following keys:
You have to assure these keys are set to DECIMAL instead of HEXADECIMAL and then put your width and height in.

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