Linux Alsa Bluetooth Headset Driver

Last change 25/04/2014

I have taken the snd-bt-sco driver from Jonathan Paisley and integrated it in the current kernel tree. From me it has been taken and the Bluetooth-alsa Project was born.

The btsco is now in cvs!

This is a snippet from the official Bluetooth-alsa Project page: Build
  1. Install or update the required packages:
    • automake-1.7
    • libao-dev (known as libao-devel on rpm systems)
    • libbluetooth-dev (aka libbluetooth-devel or bluetooth-devel)
    • libasound2-dev (aka alsa-devel)
    • a recent 2.6 kernel with *integrated* alsa enabled (it won't work with the "standalone" alsa drivers that are a separate download from the kernel)
  2. Check btsco out from cvs:
     cvs login cvs co btsco
  3. Compile:
     ./bootstrap ./configure make make install make maintainer-clean
  4. For SCO (two-way voice quality audio) you need a kernel with the emu10k1 driver selected (this is one of the drivers that forces the inclusion of the implementation of "snd_hwdep_new"). Build the kernel module:
     cd kernel make make install make clean 

Download (old version - newest in cvs)

Installation instructions: README
the Kernel Patch: kernel-2.6.7-8.24-08-04.patch (tested with kernel 2.6.7 and 2.6.8)
The user Space Program: btsco-0.3.tar.gz (mirror: ) snd-bt-sco-2004-08-10.tar.gz (Tested with kernel 2.6.7)
snd-bt-sco-2004-07-28.tar.gz (patch incl. user space program)


You have to get both the kernel patch AND the user space program. Read the README for installation instructions.

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