Postgre SQL

Last change 25/04/2014

I just started playing around with postgre... and stumbled around on common errors

Grant a user access rights

I created a new Database, but then wanted another user to have access as well. Creating a new user was pretty straight foreward. But then I kept getting errors like

ERROR:  permission denied for sequence

To get around this I needed to dig quite deeply... It wasn't really explained in the manual, but then I found it. It consists of two parts:

  1. Grant access to the tables of a database to a user
  2. Grant access to all sequences

 Unfortunately the documentation at   was not helpful.

I finally found the solution in and


# grant access to user "NEWUSER"
postgres# psql DBNAME
DBNAME=>  grant all on all tables in schema DBNAME  to NEWUSER;

# grant access to sequence (this will create and execute a script in /tmp)

o /tmp/sqlscript
SELECT 'GRANT ALL ON '  ||  relname || ' TO NEWUSER ;' FROM pg_class where relkind='S';
i /tmp/sqlscript

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