first impression - Windows7+Tools

Last change 27/09/2011

This is entirely about my EeeSlate Ep121 - with Windows7.

First Impression

I liked that device from the start (you can check out youtube for some videos). It booted quite fast (thanks for the SSD)and feld quite nicely. Playing around with the pen was also quite cool.

At first I didn't really have time to play with everything, but at work I did my first meetings with this device - and it was perfect. I used skype with screensharing and was able to just draw what I meant - even the guys remotely know what was goying on - and here in the meeting room everybody could look at the screen since it was lying flat on the table. It already paid off.

 After installing eclipse and a few other things I really needed I tried working with it, and it was quite ok. Even better than on my normal machine - the only thing missing was the second monitor, but thats a thing the hdmi-dvi adapter can solve once I buy it.

So if you do not mind the 2-3h battery time (enough for me). This is quite a useful device for working.

Windows 7 + Preinstalled Software

Windows7 works. That's how far I'll go. all the hardware works, the touchscreen works, multitouch works and the keys do what they are supposed to.

The preinstalled software is quite ok for al your needs (altough I still do not understand why they used the Home version). you can play (ok somewhat boring there), you can work, you can draw, you can surf. What else is there.

Must have Tools+Links

  • LibreOffice definitely beats Microsoft office
  • this link is quite useful
  • ...

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