Last change 01/12/2009

My own MythTv box... with a few tweaks.

I now use xbmc for viewing my series/videos/dvds, so I got rid of mythtv. I haven't been viewing TV (neither satellite nor terrestrial) for 3 years - except the occasional soccer match.

Basic installation

apt-get install mythtv does the trick :)

MythSeries - my plugin

I didnt like mythvideo at all. It was especially too clumsy to work well with my tv-series collection. Plus I wanted that seperated.. One module for movies/dvd - one for series. The series module should have a few features of its own, that are unnessesary for the video part:

  • use its own namespace and directory (seperate from mythvideo)
  • read information not using but a script
  • change default view
  • change list view to show all episodes in the order they were added to the fs - so you can watch the most recent episodes
  • (optional) read tv schedule for series and save the information about the next episodes in the overview (so you know when the next series/episode comes out

In order to make my life not-so-complicated, i decided to go following path:

  • make a copy of mythvideo
  • rename it to mythseries and compile it
  • add the new module to my current frontend
  • try to get different folder/xx-settings than mythvideo
  • remove unnecessary code (ie. dvd, vcd playback)
  • add new scripts
  • change views

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