A short history about my iPhone

Last change 27/09/2011

It's 2011 now and I used the iPhone for quite some time.. 

A short summary..

I actually got to play around with iPhone1,2,3,3GS,4 and both iPad. I ended up adoring the hardware of each of these devices. Very well crafted, nice to play around with.

 The only downside was that I felt constricted by the software. I know I am a special case, but it still felt weird.I also didn't like the fact that I couldn't just take out the battery to do a hard reset (or replace it...) and altough the touch-keyboard worked surprisingly well, I missed the blackberry-style n71 keyboard. But worst of all... I had to install itunes to do anything with my device. I don't like bloatware and this is pretty bad in that respect.

Jailbreaking was  breeze doh, but I didnt really enjoy messing with it, basically because you couldnt really. I ended up using my Nokia N71 instead of the iPhone, and then switched directly to the (in my point of view) wonderful world of android.

Not only is coding for android much easier (ObjectiveC works, but its missing the fun factor of diving into like java or php do), but you can actually get a shell on that device. You can use it as hotspot (yea I know the new ios can that finally as well...) and the coolest thing: I can get a device with a keyboard. I tried restarting a service with the iPhone and ssh and it worked - but it was quite a hussle. With my small keyboard I can quickly digg in and start ssh-ing likea pro (hey they even have a tab key on my htc).

As a conclusio: iPhone is a great piece of hardware but not quite such a great toy fo rme

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