Last change 16/03/2017

SyncKolab is steadily developed further. Issues are reported over bugzilla and normally (if possible) fixed quite rapidly. Before reporting an issue, check out the newest nightly build (make sure to backup everything first). You can also help by working directly on the code .

synckolab 3.1.7 (GIT version from 11-10-2015 12:17)



  • Thunderbird 10.0-35.0
  • Seamonkey 2.8-2.32

Note/Known Issues: 

  • The autosync option will automatically track any changes on the imap folders and address book and take the appropriate actions. If xou want to "clean duplicates" make sure this option is disabled or you might loose all your contacts/events!
  • When it looks like you are loosing contacts/events - stop what you are doing and delete the "synckolab" folder in your profile directory. On the next sync, synckolab will try to merge all data is available (so if some events have been deleted in the imap folder but are still there locally, they will be restored - or the other way round). The only way synckolab deletes entries is, if there is a sync db available with the entry, but the entry is missing on either side (locally or on the imap server)!
  • When trying out nightlies - you really should make a backup. You can create a copy of your imap messages (needs a little longer) and/or create a copy of your profile folder to keep your local copy intact. With a stable version of synckolab you can always re-create the imap messages.

For Thunderbird >3/Seamonkey 2 users:

Because of the new "Secure Update" resitrictions the install of the nightly will fail. (If you downloaded from   you won't have this problem!)
In order to still use the most recent synckolab add following to your prefs.js :

user_pref("extensions.checkUpdateSecurity", false);

You can get a git built version from here .

Beware that this may break all you contacts/calender entries, altough we try to create stable nighlies.. Nightly builds now show their date in the option and install file



Syncing lightning and address is confirmed to work quite fine. Mailing list support just got into it, so it should still be used carefully (if you have no problems with it feel free to drop a line)

If upgrading make sure to clean out your old configuration manually as written in the faq!

bugs fixed:

  • incompabilities with kolab3 format 

  • #1 and #4 : problem with time zones and date conversion

new features:

  • Auto Identify of existing kolab folders
  • listener: synckolab binds itself to changed mail and address books. If enabled, you do not have to sync any more (except maybe on data corruption or at the very start). Synckolab will be notified on any change in the address book or on the imap server and update the data accordingly.
  • better contact db storage: the contacts are now stored as json objects. This allows for a much quicker sync process.
  • The configuration changes are now recognized directly. You only need a restart if you enable listener because the service binds itself only at the beginning (avoids double-binds).
  • Autocreate Folder option

How do I get the source?

The source code is available on github:

I found a bug - what shall I do now?

Especially with the nightlies it is quite common that there are some issues. If you have an issue to the following:

  • Make sure you have the most current nightly!
  • check on if someone found this bug already. Youo might want to update the bug with the information you found.
  • IF the bug does not exist yet. Create a new one.

When you create/update a bug make sure to include following information:

  • The exact version of
    • Your Operating System (WindowsXP/Vista/7, Linux, MacOSX)
    • Thunderbird (see Help/About)
    • SyncKolab (for nightlies make sure to include the build time)
  • If you use Xml or Vcard/iCal to sync
  • information from the error console (Tools/Error Console):
    • with always updating/deleting/reappearing entries: there should be a 'not equals XX/XX' message
    • with "unknown" entries there should be a 'parsing error' somewhere
    • with stopping in the middle of the sync problems check for an 'exception'
  • Especially when you experience parsing errors or incompatibilities with other kolab clients make sure to either attach the message or send me as attachment (first do rightclick-save as to save the message as eml and then send this)
  • If possible add how I can reproduce the problem


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